Algae Control

Algae Control

Algae often takes the appearance of increasingly thick green foam as the season progresses, the colony of filamentous algae usually extends to the surface of the water, but it can also be spread from the bottom on a thicker gelitonous strand. The damage that these microscopic algae give rise are most often momentary, but in some cases may prove to be irreparable. they can be several causes: shading of the water plan, runoff from fields, bird droppings, excessive feeding, plant fertilizer. Algae usually follows standard appearances and generalized symptoms and causes are to blame.

1 - Forming thick mats on the surface, filamentous algae prevent sub aquatic vegetation to benefit from UV provided by the Sun, and therefore to develop. This is detrimental to many species, including animals.

2 - Eutrophication: If these algae appear frequently in a eutrophied (lacking in oxygen) environment, they produce yet large, excessive amounts during the day. Paradoxically, these releases can be very harmful to the denitrifying bacteria, intensive in nitrate, and in fact, tends to medium-term water oxygen, developing outrageously at the expense of other plants that might compete with them and wildlife in general.

3 - Nuisance Wildlife: many invertebrates and young fish and frogs may find themselves trapped in their filaments and y die. In addition, harming many animal and plant species they agravent the impoverishment of the midges, depriving wildlife of food resources and spawning grounds or interesting nurseries. A low density of these algae however offers shelter to micro-organisms, but the benefit is lost as soon as they condense, stifling even the development of plankton.

4 - Aesthetic Degradation: the thick layer of green algae floating on a body of water is particularly ugly and embarrassing the ornamental varieties planted, they do not allow them to give the best of themselves.

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Blagdon 250 ml Feature Algae Control for Water Features
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Blagdon 250ml Bio-Activator
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Blagdon 250ml Green Away for Ponds
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Blagdon 500gals Bio Start (Pack of 20)
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Blagdon Bioactive Sludge Control - 250ml
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Blagdon Clear Pond - 1000ml
Clears your pond of dirty/cloudy or brown/grey waterAids filtration by increasing the effectiveness ..
Blagdon Duckweed Buster - 1000ml
Controls the spread of unsightly and problematic DuckweedNatural bacteria that prevents growth by mo..
Blagdon Pond Balance - Trade Pack
Clears blanket weedBalances the water chemistry in ponds to promote plant growthSafe to use in all p..
Blagdon Pond Balance - Trade Pack
Interpet Pond Balance Is A Plant Friendly Blanket Weed Treatment Which Ensures That No Harm Comes To..
Blagdon Pond Sludgebuster, Each Sachet Treats 500 Gallons of Pond Water (Pack of 4)
Creates a healthy clean pond by actively consuming pond sludgeReliable - dried form gives unlimited ..
Cloverleaf BA1KG Blanket Answer, Beige, 800 g
UK number one selling natural product for the removal of blanket weed100% safe for pond fish and pon..
Cloverleaf Blanket Answer, 800 g
Cloverleaf Blanket Answer is an award winning product that is loved by koi keepers everywhere. The b..
o A safe and natural solution for controlling the growth of duckweed o Contains specific micro-organ..
Envii Annual Pond Treatment - Pond Klear, Sludge Klear and Nitrate Klear Treat Sludge, Algae and Green Water
Envii Annual Pond Treatment contains three revolutionary products that have been chosen to work in c..
Envii Blanketweed Klear - Kills Floating Blanket Weed in 24 Hours - Treats 20,000 Litres
Envii Blanketweed Klear kills blanketweed with almost immediate resultsWORKS IN ALL WATER TEMPERATUR..
Envii Nitrate Klear - Pond Nitrate Remover - Treats 12,000 Litres
Envii Nitrate Klear is a completely natural, dual function pond treatmentIf nitrate levels become to..
Envii Pond Equaliser creates the perfect water conditions for your fish and is 100%Water conditions ..
Envii Pond Klear & Sludge Klear - Improves Pond Water Clarity and Reduces Sludge Down To 4°C
Pond Klear and Sludge Klear are both revolutionary pond treatments that work in conjunction with eac..
Envii Pond Klear - Green Water Treatment Improves Pond Water Clarity Down To 4°C - Treats Up To 20,000 Litres
Pond Klear is a revolutionary pond water treatment that works as low as 4°C, to improve the clarity ..
Envii Pond Klear Xtra - Green Pond Water Cleaner Is 3x Stronger Than Pond Klear - Treats Up To 40,000 Litres
Pond Klear Xtra contains three times more bacteria than our flagship product Pond Klear to really pa..
Envii Sludge and Pond Klear Xtra - Pond Treatment Pack - targets unwanted organics during winter.
This listing is an offer for 1 x Pond Klear Xtra and 1 x Sludge Klear. In winter the problem is not ..
Envii Sludge Klear - Pond Sludge and Algae Remover, Treatment and Cleaner - Biological Starter That Works All Year (12 Tablets)
Envii Sludge Klear is safe for pets, works in all ponds and is 100% naturalAll ponds will, at some p..
Envii Sludge Klear - Removes Pond Sludge and Unpleasant Odours Down To 4°C - Treats Up To 60,000
Sludge Klear is a revolutionary pond sludge remover that works as low as 4°C, to reduce sludge build..
Envii Winter Pond Treatment - Winter Pond Treatment Reduces Sludge and Improves Water Clarity - Treats Up To 45,000 Litres
Envii Winter Pond Treatment is a revolutionary pond treatment designed specifically, to work in the ..
Evolution Aqua Pure Pond Bomb - for Crystal Clear Healthy Water, Treats up to 20,000 litres
Interpet Extract of Barley Straw 500ml 700g - Bulk Deal of 6x
Delivery available to UK and International addresses.This Interpet product is dispatched from the UK..
Interpet Ltd Blagdon Standard Size Blanket Weed Buster
Covers Blanket Weed, Sludge and Green Water with one treatmentHighly effectiveSimple to useMulti Tre..
No More Blanketweed 1kg (3 pots)
10 pieces in set.Material: Stainless Steel;Diameter: 20-35mm;Band Width: 9mm;No screwdriver need to ..
No More Pond Sludge 1kg (3 pots)
The kusuri multi test kit will give you 10 tests for each of the following water parameters: ammonia..
NT Labs Pond Aid Barleyclear Barley Straw Extract 1ltr 1200g
NT Labs Barleyclear is used to control green algae and blanket weed in your pond naturally. Barleycl..
Roughneck ROU68636 Aluminium Landscape Rake 36-Inch
Lightweight non-corrosive aluminium tinesWashable soft-gripIdeal for raking bark, wood chippings, le..
Supa Anti Algae Block
Supa Anti Algae Pond Block slowly dissolves releasing di-methyl urea into the pond water.Di-methyl u..
TAP No More Blanketweed Treatment 1kg
An infusion of all natural minerals and additives that successfully combat blanket weed.Clears Blank..
TAP No More Green Water 1kg
Clears Green Water quick and easyContains infusion of natural minerals, enzymes and additivesFast Ac..
TAP No More Pond Sludge 4kg
When waste and debris builds up in a pond system, ammonia and other dangerous chemicals become prese..

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