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Blagdon Fresh Start - 500ml
Blagdon Treatment Fresh Start - 500mlHighly effective treatment to condition tap water, making it su..
£17.99 £12.79
Blagdon Pond Balance - Trade Pack
Interpet Pond Balance Is A Plant Friendly Blanket Weed Treatment Which Ensures That No Harm Comes To..
£191.37 £119.95
Cloverleaf BA1KG Blanket Answer, Beige, 800 g
Cloverleaf Blanket Answer is an award winning product that is loved by koi keepers everywhere. The b..
Envii Nitrate Klear - Pond Nitrate Remover - Treats 12,000 Litres
Envii Nitrate Klear is a completely natural, dual function pond treatmentIf nitrate levels become to..
Envii Pond Klear & Sludge Klear - Improves Pond Water Clarity and Reduces Sludge Down To 4°C
Pond Klear and Sludge Klear are both revolutionary pond treatments that work in conjunction with eac..
Envii Pond Klear - Green Water Treatment Improves Pond Water Clarity Down To 4°C - Treats Up To 20,000 Litres
Pond Klear is a revolutionary pond water treatment that works as low as 4°C, to improve the clarity ..
£18.99 £14.99
Envii Pond Klear Xtra - Green Pond Water Cleaner Is 3x Stronger Than Pond Klear - Treats Up To 40,000 Litres
Pond Klear Xtra contains three times more bacteria than our flagship product Pond Klear to really pa..
Envii Sludge Klear - Removes Pond Sludge and Unpleasant Odours Down To 4°C - Treats Up To 60,000
Sludge Klear is a revolutionary pond sludge remover that works as low as 4°C, to reduce sludge build..
Evolution Aqua Pure Pond Bomb
Rosewood Evolution Aqua Pure Pond BombFast acting boost of clarity for all types of pondsBreaks down..
£14.95 £12.93
Hydra Black Water Dye creates an amazing reflective mirror finish in the water body, greatly improvi..
HYDRA LT EXTREME 500G Winter Pond Bacteria Treatment +Sludge +Algae Remover
Hydra LT Extreme Winter Pond Bacteria Treatment work at 2°C in cold weather conditions. The Problem:..
Interpet Blagdon Standard Size Blanket Weed Buster
Blanket weed buster is an easy and 100% natural way to combat the common pond problems of blanket w..
King British White Spot Control, 100 ml
King British White Spot Control is an effective treatment for fish with external parasites including..
£6.11 £3.29
No More Pond Sludge 1kg (3 pots)
NT Labs Koi Care Chloramine-T 50g
NT Labs Chloramine T reduces bacteria and parasites in pond water. Use NT Labs Koi Care Chloramine T..
£9.99 £8.45
NT Labs Pond Aid Barleyclear Barley Straw Extract 1ltr 1200g
NT Labs Barleyclear is used to control green algae and blanket weed in your pond naturally. Barleycl..
£23.99 £18.49
Oase AquaActiv PhosLess Phosphate Ties Algae Protection
The Oase AquaActiv treatment range are highly-effective products. Oase AquaActiv PhosLess Filter Gra..
T.A.P. Aquatics Pond Wizard
Pond Wizard from TAP is the fast, safe and natural way to a beautifully clear pond. Packed full of n..
TAP No More Blanketweed Treatment 1kg
TAP No More Blanketweed is an infusion of all natural minerals and additives which when added to you..
TAP No More Green Water 1kg
TAP No More Green Water is an infusion of all natural minerals and organic additives which when adde..
TAP No More Pond Sludge 4kg
When waste and debris builds up in a pond system, ammonia and other dangerous chemicals become prese..
TAP Pond Doctor Anti Green Water 1L
All ponds will at some time suffer Algae growth. There are many species of algae including the ones ..
Unique Koi Greenwater Ex 1000 ml for 20000 l of Pondwater
Due to increased temperature and extreme sunlight the formation of green algae is almost inevitable...
Unique Koi Greenwater Ex 500 ml for 10000 l of Pondwater
Due to increased temperature and extreme sunlight the formation of green algae is almost inevitable...
Unique Koi Pond salt Plus 3000 g for the decrease of osmotic stress
To be used for external injuries, ulcers and loss of scale as well as for the reduction of osmotic s..
Unique Koi Pure+ Filter Starter Gel 1000ml for 10000 l pond water
Pure+Filter Start Gel for ponds is a highly viscous filter starter gel which is directly applied on ..
Unique Koi Pure+ Filter Starter Gel 2500ml for 25000 l pond water
Pure+Filter Start Gel for ponds is a highly viscous filter starter gel which is directly applied on ..
Unique Koi zeolite 4,5kg grain size 9-16mm filtermedium phosphate remover
Unique Koi Zeolite binds undesired algae nutrients such as phosphate and nitrate. By this means it e..
Wiltec Unique Koi Decomposition of sludge 1000ml for 40000 l pond water
Leaves, food remnants, fish excrements or plant residues are responsible for a growing layer of slud..
Wiltec Unique Koi Greenwater Ex 5000 ml for 100000 l of Pondwater
Due to increased temperature and extreme sunlight the formation of green algae is almost inevitable...
Wiltec Unique Koi pH Minus 1000 ml for 10000 l pond water
pH-Minus is perfectly suited to reduce undesirably high pH levels in the pond in a quick and effecti..

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