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52 Wildlife Weekends: A Year of British Wildlife-Watching Breaks (Bradt Travel Guides (Wildlife Guides))
This first guide to British wildlife experiences packaged into 52 weekend-sized breaks highlights th..
£14.99 £12.98
Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Water Gardening
Water will bring a garden miraculously to life, drawing the eye more than any other feature. When st..
£9.99 £8.99
All Pond Solutions Ceramic Bio Rings Fish Tank Filter Media, 400 g
This porous ceramic bio-ring provides more air surface for bacterial developing.Helps decompose ammo..
£7.29 £5.49
All Pond Solutions CUV-1** Sterilisers (CUV-172 - 72w)
The All Pond Solutions CUV-172 72w UV Light Steriliser Unlike other sterilisers, this unit has thre..
£104.99 £89.99
All Pond Solutions Filter/Pump/Fountain
This all in one system combines all of the equipment required to to run a healthy, algae free small ..
£42.99 £38.69
Anself Solar Powered Amphibious Waterproof Under Water LED Spotlight Spot Light Lamp Projector Projection lamp Yard Garden Farm Pool Pond Outdoor
The highly efficient solar panel will convert solar energy into electrical energy and store in the b..
£12.99 £11.99
API Aquarium Saltwater Master Test Kit, 550-Piece
API Saltwater Master Test Kit Tests water four ways to protect marine fish and invertebrates from da..
£29.99 £20.17
API GH & KH TEST KIT Freshwater Aquarium Water Test Kit 1-Count
Tests tap water and freshwater aquariums for general hardness (gh) and carbonate hardness (kh).Helps..
£11.55 £8.89
API SALTWATER MASTER TEST KIT 550-Test Saltwater Aquarium Water Test Kit
A complete kit for testing marine aquarium water. Tests water four ways to protect marine fish and i..
£33.89 £18.55
Apollo 8 x 6m x 0.5mm Prepack PVC Pond Liner
To create your beautiful pond, use a quality liner! This Pond liner is 8 x 6m (26' x 19.7'..
£186.59 £180.87
Apollo 90cm Niagara Inox Waterfall
This Ubbink Niagara waterfall, with a width of 90 cm, can be easily mounted on a wall. Made of 304 s..
£281.99 £150.00
Apollo Niagara Inox Waterfall
This Ubbink Niagara waterfall, with a width of 60 cm, can be easily mounted on a wall. Made of 304 s..
£188.99 £158.36
Aquaponic Gardening: A Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Vegetables and Fish Together
Aquaponics is a revolutionary system for growing plants by fertilising them with the waste water fro..
£16.99 £14.38
Art And Craft Paint Your Own Wooden Bird House
Art And Craft Paint Your Own Wooden Bird HouseWooden Bird HouseComplete with paints and brush..
£5.99 £5.97
Bird Watching
Hard to Find bookNewMint ConditionDispatch same day for order received before 12 noonGuaranteed pack..
£30.00 £6.33
Blagdon 18W Power Compact UVC Replacement Lamp
Blagdon Power Compact Uvc Replacement Lamp 18wClears green water algae quickly and permanentlyHigh o..
£41.99 £36.02
Blagdon 250 ml Feature Algae Control for Water Features
Water features are becoming increasingly popular, they vary from half barrels and fountains to pebbl..
£9.49 £8.99
Blagdon 250ml Bio-Activator
Naturally starts essential biological activity for a healthy pondBio FriendlyEssential bacteria esta..
£11.49 £9.99
Blagdon 3500 Midipond Pump, Suitable for Aeration and Oxygenation in Hydroponic and Aquaponic Systems
Enhance your outdoor space and create a peaceful oasis with a water feature. Create an air of tranqu..
£136.99 £81.20
MINIFEATURE PUMP 550I INDOOR3MIdeal for indoor water featuresCompact designComplete with adjustable ..
£24.99 £12.75
Blagdon 5W UV Clarifier Replacement Lamp
Maintain your clarifiers superb cleaning abilityHigh output lampsProven reliabilityMade from durable..
£22.99 £15.99
Blagdon 5W UV Clarifier, Replacement part for the Blagdon Inpond 5-in-1 2000 and 5-in-1 3000 Filters
Fed up of green-looking pool water? The Affinity Feature Pool UV pool clarifier uses Ultra Violet Li..
£79.99 £59.50
Blagdon Affinity Inpond Foam Set
In order to maintain ideal pond conditions, replaceable filter foam pads are required. 2 different f..
£16.99 £14.93
Blagdon Affinity Living Feature Pool, Grand Oval Mocha Weave
160 cm (L) x 104 cm (W) x 51 cm (H)592 L capacityIncludes inpond five-in-one 3000 low voltage pump, ..
£699.99 £469.99
Blagdon Affinity Octagon Mocha Weave Pool
This great kit includes - PE Rattan panels, fibre-forced liner, shatter-proof windows, waterfall, ho..
£489.99 £299.99
Blagdon Bioactive Sludge Control - 250ml
Bd Treatment Bioactive Sludge Control 250mlNaturally consumes organic wasteReduces filter cleaningCr..
£11.49 £6.54
Blagdon Clear Pond - 1000ml
Blagdon Treatment Clear Pond - 1000mlClears your pond of dirty/cloudy or brown/grey waterAids filtra..
£25.49 £13.95
Blagdon Clearview Pond Cover Net - 4m x 3m
Pond cover net. Black, fine net. Complete with fixing pegs. Choice of 3 sizes: 3m x 2m, 3m x 4m, 6m ..
£17.99 £15.24
Blagdon Force Hybrid 8000 Impellor
Complete replacement impellor kitDurable MaterialsEasy to ReplaceEasy to UseManufacturer Specified R..
£49.49 £48.82
Blagdon Force Hybrid Ball Valve/Multi-Hose Tails
The Blagdon Multi Hosetail Ball Valve is a universal flow controller which allows for the infinite a..
£23.49 £19.97
Blagdon Fresh Start - 500ml
Blagdon Treatment Fresh Start - 500mlHighly effective treatment to condition tap water, making it su..
£17.99 £12.79
Blagdon Green Away for Ponds, 250 ml
Interpet Green Away is not a toxic algicide - it clears the pond water safely by clumping the algae ..
£11.49 £8.31
Blagdon Half Moon Affinity Mocha Weave Pool
Blagdon Affinity Pools Blagdon Affinity Half Moon Mocha Weave and Black Aluminium Code: 1052498 The ..
£489.99 £349.99
Blagdon Indoor Water Feature Pump, 550 Litre of Water Per Hour, Suitable for Aeration and Oxygenation in Hydroponic and Aquaponic Systems
The Blagdon Mini 550I Indoor Feature Pump is high performance, compact pump with a maximum flow rate..
£26.99 £24.81
Blagdon Inpond 5 in 1 Pump 6000, 9w
Complete in-pond solution including pump, 4 fountain options, UV clarifier and automatic LED spotlig..
£175.99 £129.09

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