Aeration & Air Pumps

Aeration & Air Pumps

Ponds and watergardens are miniature ecosystems that contain all forms of life, including the plants, animals and bacteria. All these living organisms require oxygen; that is why It is necessary to maintain an adequate concentration of oxygen in the water to preserve the health of the ecosystem of the pond.

A healthy pond provides water first quality The expulsion of fine bubbles of air from the bottom of the pond causes thoroughly mix the pond by breaking the thermal stratification the water column. The movement of water that is created exposes, level the surface, bacteria that are so destroyed by the action of radiation UV from the Sun.

Aeration can also contain algal populations since it prevents of an anoxic layer at the water-sediment interface and, in doing so, it prevents the release of phosphorus present in the bottom of the pond, which makes it less available for algae and thus limit the development. Finally, aeration also prevents the solubilization of iron from the sediments and, consequem- ment, reduces damage to equipment or equipment-related problems.

All plants and animals use oxygen to breathe. However, it is the decomposition of the organic material to the bottom of dugouts that consumes the most of oxygen. When plants and animals die, they fall to the bottom and decompose. This process of decomposition consumes large quantities oxygen, which explains that it is at the bottom of the pond the concentration of oxygen is low.

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Air Stone Ball 2" 50mm Koi Fish Pond Airstone Aeration
Luscombe Water Gardens2" (50mm) Blue Air StoneThis is for a single 2" airstone suitable for pond..
120 LITRES Per Minute - HIBLOW Air Pump Koi Fish Pond Filter
Hi-Blow Air Pumps Professional High Quality Designed air pumps to provide aeration in fish ponds and..
150mm AS-01 Ceramic Air Stone Pond / Aquarium Fish Tank
These high quality long life air stones are made from a refined ceramic compound. They produce very ..
2M Solar Fountain Pump Kit with 10W Panel Water Feature for Garden Pond by PK Green
This premium solar fountain water feature kit gives you everything you need to have a solar powered ..
3 Solar Underwater Pond Lights for Garden - 2.5W Submersible Solar LED Pool Lighting with Battery Backup by PK Green
These 3 premium solar waterproof LED lights with battery backup are ideal for use as pond lights und..
5 Pcs Ball Shaped Fish Tank Aquarium Bubble Release Air Stones Gray 1.2"
Description:Creates bubbles in fish tank while attached to an air pump.Used to increase the dissolve..
£6.58 £4.80
50mm S-05 Ceramic Air Stone Pond / Aquarium Fish Tank
These high quality long life air stones are made from a refined ceramic compound. They produce very ..
8"/200mm Plate Airstone for Koi Ponds
8 Inch in diameter and one inch deep, Heavy stone will sit on bottom of pond High quality sintered a..
Anself Solar Panel Power Submersible Fountain Pond Water Pump
This pump is based on updated the brushless solar pumping technology which is specialized for optimi..
£10.99 £8.99
Aquaforte AP Series, Exilim Z1000/Z600/Blow Pond Aerator The latest generation of Teichbelüftern wit..
Aquarline High Output Air Compressor for Koi Ponds, 2100 Liter/Hour
High output air compressor for koi ponds etc 2,100 ltr/hourCan operate up to 20 airstones 1" diaMax..
biOrb Air Stone
BiOrb Air Stone Pack The air stone at the base of the aquarium breaks up the flow of air into the a..
£2.99 £2.00
Blagdon 65 Koi Air Pump
Koi Air 65 - 65 L/Min - Max Depth 350 cms - 60 watts - Max18 x 50mm air stones at 2 metres 18 way mu..
£130.59 £130.39
Blagdon Pond Air Pump System - 1Suitable for ponds up to 4000L (880 gal)Outdoor weatherproof water g..
£39.99 £31.95
Bubble Disk Airstone Air Stone Aquarium Pond Tank
The air stone is located in a black plastic housing and it'll look very beautiful in water Please so..
CHARLES AUSTEN ET60 Linear Diaphragm Air Pump Air Compressor Pond Bio Treatment Aeration
NewMint ConditionDispatch same day for order received before 12 noonGuaranteed packagingNo quibbles ..
The Ceramic Cylinder Airstone suitable for all aquarium, QT Tank or pond aeration. The Cylinder Ai..
CLGarden NASP3Z Solar-Powered Fountain Pump 16W with Battery and LED 16 W Watt 2 panels
Data: * CLGarden® battery Solar Fountain Set NASP3Z * complete set ready to plug in for installation..
ECO-WORTHY 100 Watt 12V Polycrystalline PV Solar Panel W/ DC 12 Volt Solar Water Pump for Pond Watering Washing Car
Water Pump Physical Specifications Model: BL-2512 Outlet dia:25M/M- 1 inch Continuous working: At le..
£162.00 £139.50
Esotec 101872 Solar Pond Aerator “Solar Air Plus”
Esotec Solar Pond Aerator Solar Air PlusComplete set with air pump 120 L/Hour, Battery Box and Solar..
Esotec Duo Air Solar-Powered Pond Ventilator
When the sun shines on the water is when there is the greatest risk that there will not be sufficien..
Evolution Aqua AirPump 70 Kit
The Evolution Aqua AirPump 70 Kit provides a powerful and reliable air pump with low energy consumpt..
Evolution Aqua AirPump 95
The Evolution Aqua AirPump 95 provides a powerful and reliable air pump with low energy consumption ..
£225.00 £184.95
Evolution Aqua Airtech 130 litre
The Evolution Aqua AirPump 130 provides a powerful and reliable air pump with low energy consumption..
£295.00 £239.95
Evolution Aqua Eazy Pod Air
The EazyPod Air comes complete with an Evolution Aqua AirPump 70 which allows easy cleaning of the f..
fitTek 5 x 50mm 2" Round Air Stones for Pond or Aquarium Fish Tank
Complete with EA AirPump 70Also includes air manifold, airstones and airlineDesigned and created due..
Genuine HIBLOW Pond Air Pump- 100 LITRES PER MINUTE - Koi Fish Filtration
Hi-Blow Air Pumps Professional High Quality Designed air pumps to provide aeration in fish ponds and..
Hailea Aco-208 Air Pump - Ac 35
Pistons-Compressors ACO 208/OSAGA LK 35 as Aerator Pump For Garden Ponds - aerator pumpaerator pump..
Hailea ACO-9630 Aquarium Aerator Air Pump
Pool Aeration..
Hailea Luftpumpe Aco 9610 10Watt, 10l/m, max. Druck 1,5m
Pool Aeration..
The Ceramic Disc Airstone suitable for all aquarium or pond aeration. The Disc Airstone can be used ..
HIBLOW - 200 LITRES PER MINUTE - Koi Fish / Goldfish Pond Air Pump
Hi-Blow Air Pumps Professional High Quality Designed air pumps to provide aeration in fish ponds and..
HIBLOW AIR PUMP 150 LITRES/min Pond Aerator Sewage Wastewater Treatment
HiBlow diaphragm pump provides clean oil-less air. It's capable of providing sufficient pressure at ..
Hozelock 1380A1240 Air Pump 4500
The Hozelock range of air pumps offer a fully weatherproof, high performance, reliable air supply fo..
Hozelock 3537 0000 Solar air pump
The Hozelock Solar Powered Air Pump adds vital oxygen to the pond exactly when its required, helping..

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